Big Science

Big Science


Base and Shade are 19” tall; Shade is 7” diameter.

Inspired by an earlier creation — see the lamp called “Strange Memories” — I decided to make a companion lamp, which I almost like better than the first! It just goes to show how one gets better with practice. This piece includes a small blue two-tone ceramic base by James Aarons combined with a really nice piece of glass I swiped from a lamp I picked up at the Oakland Museum’s annual White Elephant Sale. The shade combines multiple screen prints of textures with an old plant cyanotype.

All "Empire" lamps include new sockets, plugs and wiring. Every lamp is a unique combination of hand-made ceramics and found objects produced in our Northern CA studios. The shades use heavy acid-free rag papers and are preserved with UV and moisture-lock archival protection.

If you see something that’s almost but not quite right for your space or color needs, contact us. We are always up for collaboration.

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