French Heels

French Heels


Base and Shade are 23.5” tall; Shade is 7” diameter.

There is an old Coral Records 45 of Debbie Reynolds’ “French Heels” — the flip side of “Tammy” — hanging over the desk as I write. This single belonged to James’ grandma. It fits this playful lamp that includes a multi-yellow-orange-block screen print as the shade’s main design feature atop a who-knows-what-that-thing-is piece of metal we found in a local scrap yard —I’ve been told it’s a motorcycle part! — and then there’s that gorgeous red ceramic base. Va voom.

All "Empire" lamps include new sockets, plugs and wiring. Every lamp is a unique combination of hand-made ceramics and found objects produced in our Northern CA studios. The shades use heavy acid-free rag papers and are preserved with UV and moisture-lock archival protection.

If you see something that’s almost but not quite right for your space or color needs, contact us. We are always up for collaboration.

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