Base & Shade are 21.5" tall, Shade is 8" diameter.

Ceramic artist James Aarons and I were in the Big Daddy antique store in San Francisco when we noticed these tiny lamps that had 4-inch plexi-glass discs and really simple shades. We were trying to make a simple lamp that could be easily duplicated. Ha! James made this orange cylinder, which then inspired the shade, made up of details from a couple of my artist books, some screen prints and a wallpaper flower. There is no way this lamp could be easily duplicated. I realized then that I wasn't making production pieces; I was pretty much doomed to make unique works of art, which Pat Sweetow, the gallerist at Spun Smoke, describes as "functional art." Ho hum, so much for my dreams of an "empire."

All "Empire" lamps include new sockets, plugs and wiring.

Pricing available upon request.

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