Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret


Base & Shade are 34" tall, Shade is 7" diameter.

This one is inspired by a lamp Princess Margaret has on The Crown. She is disturbing her neighbors/relatives with a very noisy and apparently lengthy renovation to a shared apartment building, which inspires a visit from her sister, the queen, to encourage more consideration. The two have a lengthy, somewhat barbed conversation while a lamp similar in shape to this one sits in the middle. Its tall skinny shape brought a piece that had been languishing for months in the studio into immediate focus. The base combines found objects that get topped with a very long 7-inch tube. I think it’s my current fave.

All "Empire" lamps include new sockets, plugs and wiring. Every lamp is a unique combination of found objects produced in our Northern CA studios. The shades use heavy acid-free rag papers and are preserved with UV and moisture-lock archival protection.

If you see something that’s almost but not quite right for your space or color needs, contact us. We are always up for collaboration.

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