The Noise of Carpet

The Noise of Carpet


Base & Shade are 22" tall, Shade is 7" diameter.

Ceramic artist James Aarons made the base, which has this really sparkly eggplant colored glaze (silver, deep purple, brown). We combined it with an old gear I had laying around and then the piece just sat there while I figured out what the shade would look like. It started to come together once I created a circular graphic of two lines, one purple grey, one mustard yellow. I printed that and cut it up and tried to make the pelt, but it just wouldn't take. It needed more circles. I thought, what do I have that's circles? Then I remembered all the 45 record sleeves I had in storage. I got a couple and scanned them, then created collages from those -- the blue and yellow is an old Capitol Records sleeve, the green dots are Elektra/Asylum... This lamp quickly became our favorite of the current bunch.

All "Empire" lamps include new sockets, plugs and wiring.

Pricing available upon request.

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