Base & Shade are 25.75" tall, Shade is 6" square.

Ceramic artist James Aarons and I have begun making lamps together. He asked me what shapes I wanted and then, once they were done, what color they should be. He wasn't very happy when I chose this blue color with gold flecks. He thought it looked to "blah" until he saw it lit up. I found a bunch of images of storm clouds in gray and blue and then screen-printed a cloudy golden texture to go along with them. All the stitching is gold as well, which helps to highlight the golden flecks in the ceramic base. For some reason, it had to be square on top of a cylinder. Who knows why these things have to be the way they are?

All "Empire" lamps include new sockets, plugs and wiring.

Pricing available upon request.

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